I am Tiffany: Ms Fang

I am Tiffany: Ms Fang

For over 40 years The Tiffany's Show in Pattaya City, Thailand, has not only entertained and astonished audience visiting to this once remote fishing village, but it has given a voice and platform for individuals of the "third sex" to showcase their talents and humanity. Esowe Image with support of The Tiffany's Show Pattaya present 6 mini series about super star performers of Tiffany's show. In the first episode we get to know Ms Fang.

Ms Fang about herself:

My name is Fang. I am from Lumpang. I am currently working as an actor and trainer at the company that runs Tiffany's show. I have worked here for almost ten years (about nine years). Before this, I used to work as a dancer in events from all over Thailand. Whenever there were events, we were there to give a show.

Ms Fang about Tiffany's show:

Tiffany's is very famous. Most people know Tiffany's, so it is easy to explain what the Tiffany's show is. It used to be difficult to explain the idea of a cabaret show. But now, we are all over the media, certainly Tiffany's has become more well-known.

Ms Fang about wokking in cabaret:

It is from both talent and training. First, we need to love what we do. Once we love it, have the talents, and train the skills, we can put on a good show. My interest and experience affects my performance a lot.

Ms Fang about success:

The world is changing fast. We need to adapt and improve ourselves throughout. If we don't adapt and develop, we would be staying still and won't be able to succeed.

Ms Fang thanks:

First, I would like to thank my parents for giving birth to me. Thank my teachers for all the lessons I've learned. Thank the company for giving me the job and helping me become more accepted by society.


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