New venue: Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre

New venue: Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre

Good news for all cabaret show lovers around Chiang Mai area! A new big theatre has just opened! So from now on there are two great shows to see in Chiang Mai city: Chiang Mai Cabaret Show at Anusarn Market and a new spot by the name of Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre at Changpueak. What a treat!

It's at the same old place which has its own history of cabaret shows. It used to be the Simon Cabaret Show for many years. Unfortunately for some reasons it was closed. And then after a couple of years it was reopened with a different concept and different people in charge as The Playhouse. Even the show was exceptionally great with many talented dancers and singers, eventually it went down too due the lack of customers. 

And now against all odds we see the new cabaret show at the same place - Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre.

The new owner of this place is not a newbie in cabaret show busines. Doing this for 20 years starting in Koh Samui with Christy's Cabaret and then moving to Chiang Mai and opening very successful Chiang Mai Cabaret Show at Anusarn Market and finally this new place - Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre. It won't be advertised much because it's mostly for the asian tourists and package tours. For example, same thing is working pretty well for Golden Dome Cabaret Show in Bangkok.

By the way that show at Night Bazaar is packed every night with around 200 tourists and all of them seemed to enjoy it a lot! So can you imagine that the same talented performers (plus even more) on bigger stage and better decorations? Must be amazing! Just for the record now they got 60 dancers including 40 ladyboys and 20 boys. 

The show time was 8pm only but from the 1st of November there is one more showtime at 9:45pm. It means that bussiness is going well. Current ticket price is 500 baht.

We wish good luck and bright future for Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre and welcome everybody to visit this place when you travel to Chiang Mai.


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